Liam's birthday

Written by Jen on April 6, 2014
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We celebrated a bit different than usual for Liam’s birthday this year. Had we been home, we would have decked out the downstairs with balloons, streamers and the ol’ McDade birthday banner. We’d have the family over for dinner and presents and homemade ice cream cake. But alas, we found ourselves in Scotland this year and had to suspend traditions for this year.

#WhatAShame #Sarcasm #StillLoveAndMissYouFamily

After we attended church with the Grants, we headed to downtown Glasgow to one of their favorite eateries, “Cafe Gandolfi”. While they had quite a range of cuisine to offer, we opted for the most Scottish on the menu. I had Cullen Skink (a smoked fish and potato chowder), and peat smoked salmon. Jack had “haggas, neeps and tatties” (haggas is kind of like sausage but made from sheep stomach, neeps are mashed turnips and tatties are mashed potatoes). We were not disappointed. Our food was quite scrummy!

Haggas, neeps, and tatties

Our Sunday lunch wrapped up with a Monsters University birthday cake lovingly provided by the Grants, and a not-so-McDade rendition (actually in tune) of “Happy Birthday”. It was so sweet!

Liam and his cake on his 2nd birthday Silly mommy!

The weather wasn’t looking promising so we headed over to the Riverside Museum, which is a HUGE transport museum in wild looking building designed specifically for it.

Riverside Transport Museum

Anything with wheels/rails/teleportation from nearly any decade in Glasgow history was in there! Ok, well not really teleportation devices. There was even a ship in the harbor right outside (the last tour of which we missed by about 10 minutes… oh well!) Needless to say, the boys were in their glory. It’s fortunate that Liam’s limited vocabulary includes “car”, “train”, and “truck” which gave him plenty to talk about throughout the museum! He couldn’t stop running through the halls shouting “car! car! car!”

Liam on an old timey double decker bus Recreation of old Glasgow streets Next stop, the pub! Er, public school! The Tall Ship of Glasgow

The weather actually cleared off and we saw the sun over the lovely city of Glasgow! We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the Grants house, not wanting to end our time together. We had such a lovely time and wish them well with Baby #4 due next month!

Final Scottish sunset